Celebrate ‘National Postdoc Appreciation Week’ 2021 with #N8Postdocs


From 20th – 24th September 2021, we will celebrate ‘National Postdoc Appreciation Week’.

The N8 universities are taking part in this national event, a great opportunity to recognise and thank our postdoctoral researchers for the significant contributions that they make to the research and teaching environment in universities across the UK.

Postdoctoral researchers make up a crucial part of the research and academic body in our universities. Nurturing and developing this talent is vital to generating new knowledge and innovation throughout the universities of the N8 Research Partnership and encouraging future generations of researchers in the Northern Powerhouse.  We want to highlight the diversity within our postdoc population and the vast range of contributions they make to ensuring that the N8 is a vibrant and successful research powerhouse in the North of England.

How to get involved

Details of how university comms teams and academics can get involved are below, and also on the N8 website.

  1. Please circulate this webpage link, as a Toolkit, to all research academics and staff across the university, and ask them to participate in this N8-wide campaign from 20-24 September
  2. If you have a newsletter or other emails comms, please also add this as a news piece where appropriate
  3. Please drive participation with this campaign by tweeting about it, from this week up until 20 September, on your university and department Twitter accounts.

Actions you can take

Action 1

  • Print out the #N8Postdocs poster here (PDF, 300KB) and fill in the name(s) of your chosen postdoc, plus a reason why you’d like to thank them for their support and hard work

  • Take a photo of you holding up the completed poster
  • Post on Twitter, tagging your postdocs to let them know you appreciate them
  • Please include hashtag #N8Postdocs, so that we can find and share your thoughtful post.

Example post:

Action 2

  • Post a ‘Thank You’ graphic to Twitter, tagging your Postdocs to let them know you appreciate them!
  • Please include the hashtag #N8Postdocs so that we can find and share your thoughtful post.

Example Twitter posts

To help share the campaign news piece:

To thank your brilliant postdocs:

  • It’s National Postdoc Appreciation Week! I’d like to thank my Postdoc researchers @TAGPOSTDOC @TAGPOSTDOC for their amazing work on some of our @N8Research programmes at @TAGDEPARTMENT. #N8Postdocs You’re the best!

Example graphic:

N8 Thank you postdocs example poster

Download a Word version of the example graphic (13KB)


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