The N8 Research Partnership

Northern Lights University Organisation of the Year 2017

The N8 Research Partnership is a collaboration of the eight most research intensive Universities in the North of England: Durham, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield and York.

Working with universities, industry and society, N8 aims to maximise the impact of this research base by:

  • promoting collaboration
  • establishing innovative research capabilities & programmes of national and international prominence
  • driving economic growth

N8 Research Partnership is focussed on developing two Research Themes; AgriFood and Urban & Community Transformation. The themes will develop over 3-5 years to provide a platform of high-quality research and multiple collaborative ventures. N8 is also promoting three Emerging Communities; topics that have the potential through development of a research community of growing into future Research Themes.

N8 Research Community: Industrial Biotechnology for the Bioeconomy

Across the N8 universities there is vast experience in the life sciences sector, while the north is one of Europe’s most vibrant hubs for the life sciences industry, supporting 1000 businesses and 38,000 high skilled jobs.


N8 Research Community: Targets for New Medicines

This programme is a cross-institution initiative to bring disease and patient knowledge to bear with a coherent platform of evidence and to identify new disease intervention opportunities for medicines.


N8 Research Community: Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Robotics and Autonomous Systems is developing capability and capacity across the N8 to meet the needs of industry and society, such as advanced manufacturing automation to power the 4th Industrial revolution or medical and assistive technologies to improve quality of life.