Regener8 enables the translation of university and industry research in regenerative medicine into commercial products and clinical benefit

Dr Mike Raxworthy

IKC, University of Leeds

Regener8 is playing a national role within regenerative medicine

Dr Annette Bramley

Director, N8 Research Partnership

We’re working with more industry and university partners to increase innovation activity across the UK in medical technologies and support emergent technologies

Prof John Fisher

University of Leeds

We are also helping to address the needs for specialist skills within the new high-value industry

Jo Dixon-Hardy

IKC, University of Leeds

For more information see the Medical Technologies IKC (external link)

Regenerative medicine replaces or regenerates human cells, tissue or organs, to restore or establish normal function.  Regener8 was an N8-funded programme that worked at the interface of industry, academia, and clinical application to support innovation in the regenerative medicine sector and overcome the technical and regulatory barriers holding back progress.

Hosted by the University of Leeds and working collaboratively with the leading research-intensive universities of the North of England, and beyond, Regener8 built a network of over 330 academics and over 260 industry partners.

Formed in 2007, the Regener8 network led to the creation of over 20 new jobs, leveraged over £50m of investment and assisted over 100 companies in innovation and translation activities.

Since 2012, Regener8 has been brought under the banner of the Medical Technologies Innovation and Knowledge Centre and the University of Leeds, where the network continues to thrive and grow.