The N8 universities individually are diverse and strong with deeply rooted connections to their places and are recognised as amongst the top places globally in delivering teaching, research and impact. Separately, they are strong. Together, they form a network of knowledge generation and critical mass of research excellence unrivalled in the UK.

Harnessing the potential of this cluster involves collaboration, which requires the right environment, culture, incentives and relationships for success. When those are in place our people can be catalysts for new ideas, driving novel and innovative routes to impact.

The N8 enables the process of collaboration across the N8 universities, creating focal points for staff at all levels and from all parts of the institutions to come together, building vital relationships and trust. Only then, empowered to act, can people build collaborative communities that transcend institutional boundaries.

The N8 has championed new ways of working in the sector, including:

  • Shaping policy in equipment sharing and efficiency, the place-based agenda and the role of research intensive universities in economic growth.
  • Providing a voice to champion research and innovation from the North of England.
  • Exploring ways of collaborating and delivering real-world impact through collaborative research programmes.

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