N8 Research Partnership Working With Bionow


The N8 Research Partnership has strengthened its academic-industry partnership role in the life sciences sector by becoming a member of Bionow, the leading membership organisation for the biomedical and life sciences industry in the North of England.

The North of England is one of the UK’s and Europe’s largest biomedical and life sciences hotspots. There at more than 1000 life science businesses in the region. The sector employs more than 38,000 people and generates more than £10 billion of turnover per year.

Geoff Davison, CEO of Bionow said: “We are delighted that the N8 Research Partnership is now a member of Bionow. The interaction between business and academia is key to capturing the economic benefits of a thriving life science cluster, and N8 working with Bionow will be key to fostering this important synergistic relationship.”

Dr Peter Simpson, Director of the N8 Research Partnership, commented: “The life sciences sector is vitally important to economic growth in the ‘Northern Powerhouse’. Bionow, covering life sciences industrial expertise, and N8 Research Partnership, addressing excellence & innovation within academic life sciences, are working together to catalyse the sector’s growth in the region.”

Bionow is hosting The Life Science and Healthcare Showcase Conference on July 7, 2015 at the International Centre for Life in Newcastle. The event will focus on the latest technologies, innovations, key sector initiatives and funding opportunities in the industry. The programme will include informative plenary sessions featuring industry leaders and innovators, who will speak on industry challenges and topical issues, as well as presentations from major companies.

Dr Peter Simpson will be speaking at this conference, on healthcare and life sciences in the North East. Peter will also chair a session on HEIs working with industry to deliver economic impact.

With more than 250 subscribing members, Bionow supports business growth, competitiveness and innovation within the biomedical and life science sectors across Northern England.  Its membership services add value and cost-efficiency to scientific, clinical and business operations within early stage and growth-oriented firms.

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