Details for fourth Northern Quantum Meeting


Details have been released ahead of the fourth Northern Quantum Meeting, which will take place in Leeds next week.

The Northern Quantum Meeting is a biannual meeting for N8 university researchers working within the quantum physics community.

The next meeting is set to take place at the University of Leeds’ School of Chemistry on Friday 18th January.

It will feature of programme of talks, presented by PhD students and postdocs. The aim of the event is to encourage discussion and networking between participants and foster future research collaborations.

To register, please email Almut Beige.


Talk titles:

Daniel Alsina (Leeds): AME states, QMDS codes and quantum repeaters

Peter Brown (York): An adaptive framework for device-independent randomness expansion

Kieran Bull (Leeds): Quantum many-body scars in kinetically constrained clock models

Frieder Koenig (St Andrews): Spontaneous emission in optical analogue gravity systems

Amy Skelt (York): DFT-style approached to quantum thermodynamics

Frederico Sousa (York): Weak localisation phenomena in graphene with strong proximity spin-orbital effects

Jake Southall (Leeds): Breaking time-translational invariance in optics

Adam Stokes (Manchester): Gauge ambiguities imply Jaynes-Cummings physics remains valid in ultrastrong coupling QED

Victoria Wright (York): A Gleason-type theorem for qubits based on mixtures of projective measurements