15 Years of Research, Innovation And Training Excellence


This year the N8 Research Partnership are celebrating 15 years of research, innovation and training excellence bringing benefits to the economy and society in the North of England and beyond.

Founded in 2006, through the incorporation of N8 Ltd, the N8 Research Partnership is the strategic research alliance of the eight most research intensive universities in the North of England. The N8 has provided a means for our members to speak with one voice on policy issues related to research and innovation in our region and to share both resources and risk to develop collaborations around their research strengths.

We have championed new ways of working in the sector, helping to shape policy in equipment sharing, efficiency and the economic contributions of the N8 universities to the Northern Powerhouse.

Over the coming weeks we will be celebrating the significant achievements and impact of the N8 Research Partnership, as well as looking forward to what the next 15 years of collaborative research in the north may bring.

We will update this page with all of the campaign strands, building up a central repository over the course of the campaign. You can simply scroll through them below, or jump to one of the sections here:

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N8 Research – 15 Year Anniversary



N8 Policing Research Partnership




N8 Computationally Intensive Research



N8 International



N8 Postdocs



N8 Industry innovation Forum



N8 North Innovation Women


N8 Technicians


Cultural Assets


N8 Lifesavers and Covid Response


N8 DecarboN8


N8 Net Zero North



N8 AgriFood



N8 Equipment Sharing



The Future of N8


We would love to hear your stories of taking part in N8 collaborations over the years, whether from the early days of the partnership when it was being set up with funding from the Northern Way, or from more recent activities.

We’d love to hear about the relationships you’ve built and friendships you’ve made as well as the fantastic research outcomes that you’re rightly proud of. You can find out more on Twitter using the hashtag #N8Fifteen.

Tweet us at @N8Research to share your stories and successes.