Blueprint for a Great North Plan launch


A Blueprint for mapping the North of England’s key assets is to be unveiled, following an extensive consultation during the last year. On Friday 17 June in Leeds, IPPR North and the RTPI will unveil the summary of their Blueprint for the Great North Plan.

PPR North and the RTPI have led the development of the plan, and have spoken to more than 250 business leaders from towns and cities across the North on the future of the Northern Powerhouse.  Three key messages have emerged:

  • There is huge appetite for a continuing focus on the power and the potential of the Northern economy.
  • To unlock its potential we have to look beyond transport alone and start planning around a wider range of economic strengths and drivers of growth.
  • This requires an unprecedented level of collaboration, with businesses owning and shaping the Northern Powerhouse concept alongside city leaders, government officials, universities and other civic partners.

Building on these messages, the event in Leeds will consider how to develop a coherent approach to economic planning and strategy for the Northern Powerhouse.

The event will feature contributions from N8’s Director, Dr Peter Simpson, and a number of other key thought leaders for the North including:

  • Ed Cox, Director, IPPR North
  • David Brown, Chief Executive, Transport for the North
  • Richard Blyth, Head of Policy, RTPI
  • Marian Sudbury, Global Operations Director, UKTI
  • Simon Pringle, Director, SQW

Dr Peter Simpson, said: “I look forward to discussing how we can effectively build on the positive work of Transport for the North, aiming towards a long-term economic vision for the North of England. N8 supports a strong focus on  innovation-led growth, building greater resilience and shared prosperity.”

Dr Peter Simpson banner