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Circular Economy

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Net-zero connectivity

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Local energy supply and storage

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Driving innovation for a net-zero recovery from the coronavirus to unlock new business opportunities and create jobs in the green economy in the Northern Powerhouse.

The N8 Research Partnership – the strategic collaboration of eight research-intensive universities in the North – is working creating the basis for supporting economic growth focussed on the green economy. Individually, the N8 universities are world-leading – all ranked in the top 30 in the UK, with three universities in the global top 15 for research impact.

N8 Net Zero North will drive growth in the green economy in the North of England and beyond by co-producing research and innovation with businesses and other stakeholders to meet real-world challenges.


Powering a Northern Green Economy

N8 Net Zero North will build on the strengths of our region to ‘build back better’ and accelerate the transition fo net-zero right across the Northern Powerhouse for the benefit of our communities and economy, regionally and for the whole of the UK.  We will:

  • Accelerate Adoption of Existing Technologies through decision support tools, business to business support and through identifying and addressing sociological barriers.
  • Address longer-term challenges through use-inspired, co-produced research programmes based on business need.
  • Support innovation by providing rapid access to flexible, agile people to support industry-led projects that develop close-to-market solutions.
  • Deliver a comprehensive programme of skills and learning, ensuring that all people in the North can benefit from the transition to a green economy.
  • Engage businesses with universities and other businesses to allow collaboration and knowledge exchange to flow freely in the region.

With a wide scope to support innovation across local energy supply and storage, the circular economy, naturally-inspired solutions, and connectivity, we will work to support innovation and direct research to address the challenges of achieving net-zero.

To get involved, contact the N8 Research Partnership here.

N8 Net Zero North Programmes

Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen, produced using renewable energy, can sit at the centre of a net zero Northern energy system. Generated and stored locally, it could fuel transport, heat homes, and power Northern industry.

Sustainable Materials

Many raw materials, including renewables (e.g. palm oil), and non-renewables (e.g. fossil fuels), are not derived from sustainable sources. By moving to more locally produced, sustainable materials we can ensure security of supply and reduce carbon emissions.

Skills for a Green Economy

Business innovation needs people with the skills, creativity and awareness to drive productivity and growth. Businesses, Further and Higher Education working together will provide the North with a workforce with the skills needed for the green economy now and in the future.