Evidencing the Value of a Positive Research Culture


Evidence that author group diversity impacts 5-year weighted citations:

Wellcome Trust surveyed thousands of researchs on their experiences of research culture and have published the results, qualitative and quantitative research, literature review, townhalls report, and the contribution made by technical staff to research culture:

University of Leeds Research Culture Team – A partially randomised approach (PRA) to internal funding allocation – A pilot

Nature Reviews Materials – Sexism in academia is bad for science and a waste of public funding 

Concordats, Agreements, Frameworks, Statements


  • Russell Group (UK): Culture & Environment toolkit
  • Wellcome: Cafe Culture Toolkit and the Equitable Funding Practice Library – a resource that provides ideas on how to reduce and eliminate inequitable funding outcomes
  • European Commission: SOPs4RI Toolkit – SOPs4RI (Standard Operating Procedures for Research Integrity) is a 4 year funded project stimulating transformational processes around research integrity
  • Flemish Interuniversity Council (Belgium): Mind the GAP (Good Academic Practices) a mandatory course in research integrity as part of doctoral training at all Flemish universities.  Public website under development.
  • Royal Society/UK Research Integrity Office: Integrity in practice toolkit
  • Newcastle University – EDI Toolkit for Researchers – a set of practical resources, designed to help researchers to engage with and understand equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI).
  • UKRI – Resume Resource LIbrary – hosting a range of materials designed to support people and organisations in the adoption and use of narrative CVs.
  • Matharu Plots – decolonising the curriculum and encouraging researchers to consider literature from outside the global North and creating a mechanism for reporting.
  • University of Nottingham EDI Cards – cards developed aids for driving discussion and reflection on EDI.
  • University of Manchester, Christabel Pankhurst Institute Team Research Programme
  • The Biochemist – A beginner’s guide to supervising a PHD Researcher

Wider Context