Work strand 1 has been divided into two sections, these are:

  • Risk Assessment, Ethics and Training
  • Liability and Insurance

The varied nature of shared equipment often means that a bespoke approach to Health & Safety is needed when supporting the initiation and running of shared equipment. With this in mind, the N8 EST provides relevant documentation and guidance to help unify the work within this area. A support structure has been created and road tested by several groups and is designed to encompass key aspects of the Health & Safety protocol that should be reviewed when preparing to share equipment.

This is a template summary and full questionnaire that can be utilised by those wishing to share new equipment for the first time or those seeking to review the Health & Safety procedures of existing equipment.


Sample submission Checklist/Form

Various approaches to establish the principles concerning liability and insurance have been considered during the project, ranging from detailed check lists to very general Heads of Agreement. Good consensus has been reached with the Insurance contacts within the N8 Universities that these aspects need to be incorporated into legal agreements, and a set of guiding principles have been developed.

Proposed principles of operation for insurance and liabilities