N8 Network for Climate and Health Co-benefits

The N8 Network for Climate and Health Co-benefits, led by the universities of Leeds, York, and Liverpool, will develop research solutions to protect human health (physical and mental) from the impacts of climate change, and identify new opportunities for climate adaptation strategies to enhance human health and wellbeing.

Our mission is to utilise the unique collective and complementary expertise of the N8 to develop a competitive northern network of excellence and leadership in climate and health research, innovation, and impact.


Climate change has been called the greatest public health challenge this century. Climate change is expected to have significant and diverse impacts on multiple health outcomes both in the UK and globally, with effects greatest in regions with already limited resources and poor health. There exists growing urgency for action, widespread public and political attention, and increased funding for climate and health, and momentum is building within institutions to undertake research that explores and addresses climate and health challenges.

In order to address this urgent and grand challenge, the N8 Network for Climate and Health Co-benefits will leverage expertise across the N8, non-N8 members, and international partners. It will identify new synergies between partners and develop new research programmes and interventions for a healthy planet and healthy people.

The team

We are a group of academic and professional services staff:

  • Professor Matthew Baylis, Oxenhale Chair of Veterinary Epidemiology, Institute of Infection, Veterinary and Ecological Sciences, University of Liverpool
  • Professor Andy Morse, Professor of Climate Impacts, School of Environmental Sciences, University of Liverpool
  • Laura McGarty, Research Development Manager, Research and Partnerships Development, University of Liverpool
  • Vicki O’Kelly, Senior Partnership and Innovation Manager, Consultancy and Innovation, University of Liverpool
  • Professor Lea Berrang Ford, Priestley Chair in Climate and Health, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds
  • Helen Rajabi, International Networks and Collaborations Manager, University of Leeds
  • Dr Peter Coventry, Senior Lecturer in Health Services Research, Department of Health Sciences, University of York
  • Professor Piran White, Department of Environkment and Geography, University of York
  • Dr Robyn Inglis, YESI Research Facilitator & Acting Research & Innovation Development Manager, Environment, University of York
  • Fiona Frame, Research and Innovation Manager, Biomedicine, University of York


For more information or to get involved, please contact Helen Rajabi: H.Rajabi@leeds.ac.uk