Proof Of Concept Research For Dcell® Technology


Regener8 combines the expertise of 8 universities in translational regenerative medicine and accelerates the development of therapies to bring them though to clinic and market. Since 2007, Regener8 has generated over £10 million of research income and worked with over 50 businesses, including Tissue Regenix.

Tissue Regenix is a York based medical technology company which uses a proprietary technology called dCELL® to make replacement body parts from biological (animal) materials. This patented technology not only helps restore patient independence and mobility following surgery but also saves lives.



Regener8 were able to support the company in the proof of concept research, to accelerate the development of technology to market and clinic.

dCELL® can be used to generate tissue to replace worn out or diseased body parts. By using innovative treatment processes, Tissue Regenix aims to provide products that can be used to replace or repair native tissue with a tissue of equivalent nature that will eventually be repopulated with the patients’ own cells. The company is initially concentrating on developing products to address important clinical needs in cardiovascular and orthopaedic surgery, and is aiming at delivery to patients in the clinic within 2-5 years.


The market for therapies utilising tissue engineering is one of the most rapidly growing medical products sectors. There is a major clinical need for donor tissue in a number of surgical procedures to restore patient independence and mobility following injury or disease, but also to save lives (e.g. vascular and cardiac applications). In many specialities, including orthopaedic and heart surgery, this donor tissue is scarce and the ageing population is leading to significant increase in demand. Tissue Regenix dCELL® technology can provide a solution to this clinical shortage.


Following regulatory approvals, the company will look to co-market/distribute its dCELL® technology under licence.


“The Regener8 project has been important in identifying key translational elements associated with development of the porcine heart valve and will have played a role in risk management of this key project. The grant has enabled us to focus on the primary obstacles to success in this area which should and could reduce its time to market.”

Antony Odell, Managing Director, Tissue Regenix