Proof-of-concept Research For Micronutrient Fouling Control


The School of Chemistry at Newcastle University and the Technology Centre of International Paint, leading brand name of the AkzoNobel Marine & Protective Coatings business unit, have completed a proof-of-concept for micronutrient fouling control.

The project, funded by METRC to encourage and sustain long-term collaborations, provided support data to develop further the concept.



The Chemical Nanoscience Group in Newcastle University is focussed on the synthesis of functional nano-structured and nano-scale materials, fundamental studies of their chemical and physical properties and addressing critical scientific problems associated with their development towards applications.


“The opportunity to help a world-leading company develop new technology is highly rewarding and an important part of what our research group seek to do. This METRC-supported project has been a great success and we look forward to continuing the work in the future.”

Professor Andrew Houlton, Newcastle University


As a result, International Paint funded a PhD studentship at Newcastle from 2014 to make direct use of the techniques developed and knowledge acquired but also ultimately to carry forward its research programme.


“We are extremely satisfied with the results of this feasibility study which has given us sufficient confidence to extend the collaboration with the University in the form of a Phd project.”

Clayton Price, Senior Technologist, International Paint