The UK Government has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to ‘Net Zero’ by 2050. This is a huge challenge for the transport sector, which accounts for over a quarter of UK domestic greenhouse gas emissions and has not managed to reduce its emissions over recent years.

The universities of the N8 are leading the DecarboN8 network to work with industry and government to design solutions which can be deployed rapidly and at scale.

Addressing the Challenge

Decarbonising transport requires systems-level solutions, optimised for place. DecarboN8 will work in 4 thematic areas:

  • Carbon Pathways – how can we plan for decarbonising across the region, whilst at the same time meeting transportation demand?
  • Social Acceptance and Societal Readiness – What are the barriers to people accessing and choosing low-carbon transport? How can we develop better and more inclusive policies?
  • Future Transport Fuels – How can we support decarbonisation in all the different transport modes available – bespoke solutions that interconnect with each other are required.
  • Digitisation, Demand and Infrastructure – Managing demand, growth, infrastructure and capacity will ensure that the carbon burden is not simply moved to elsewhere in the supply chain


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