Showcasing Chemistry Equipment For Greater Success


Chemistry researchers from some of the N8 universities will next month showcase a range of enhanced chemistry research facilities, made possible due to funding from the EPSRC.

The new equipment covers four core areas of chemistry research: mass spectrometry (MS), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), X-ray diffraction (XRD), and atomic level microscopy.

The event, which takes place on 21 July at the University of Manchester, will showcase the capabilities of the N8 chemistry departments in these core areas and the impact being made in some the latest chemistry research taking place across the universities involved.

Among the speakers will be Andrew Bourne Lead, Physical Sciences, EPSRC.  There will also be presentations highlighting the facilities enhanced through the EPSRC Core Capability in Chemistry call, given by:

  • Professor Perdita Barran (Manchester) – Mass spectrometry
  • Dr Julie Fisher (Leeds) – NMR
  • Professor John Evans (Durham) – X-ray diffraction
  • Professor Graham Leggett (Sheffield) – Atomic level microscopy

The event will also provide an opportunity for participants to discuss opportunities for greater equipment sharing and collaboration. Earlier this year, the N8 Research Partnership launched itsEquipment Sharing Toolkit to make it easier for researchers to share equipment.

For more information about the N8 Core Chemistry Capability Showcase event, please get in touch.