Research Intelligence – Vim Up North Leaves The Rest Trailing


N8 is the poster group for research collaboration and academic links with industry, writes Paul Jump in today’s Times Higher Education.

The N8 Research Partnership features on page 24 of today’s Times Higher Education:

When David Willetts, Sir Alan Langlands and Iain Gray all turned up to the launch of the N8 Research Partnership’s Industry Innovation Forum in Leeds earlier this year, the group of eight northern English research-intensives knew they were “doing something politically correct”. After all, said Trevor McMillan, pro-vice chancellor for research at Lancaster University and chair of N8’s executive management group, it is rare for the universities and science minister, the chief executive of the Higher Education Funding Council for England and the chief executive of the Technology Strategy Board all to attend an event outside London.

Not that the attention was entirely unexpected. N8 had already been highlighted in the government’s Innovation and Research Strategy for Growth, released in December, in relation to the ability of consortia to “tackle large-scale and ground-breaking new research beyond the capabilities of a single institution”.