Culture can fuel reinvention, helping people to adapt to change and generate new models for sustainable development.


New Thinking from the North was a pilot study aimed at identifying ways in which academics, practitioners in the arts and humanities and local authorities can work in partnership to stimulate invention and influence economic growth across the North of England. Workshops in heritage, digital, sustainability, and imagination resulted in a number of outcomes including:

  • Investigations into radical heritage have transformative potential across the region in terms of regeneration, cultural policy and engagement and social cohesion.
  • Research can be democratised by digital technologies in terms of both opportunities for co-production and open access.
  • Community cohesion, resilience, and sustainability can be increased through locally-embedded collaborative arts and humanities research practice.
  • New methods of public engagement and involvement in research practice are opened up through digital interfaces.

Urban Heritage

A further project is being developed with the aim of understanding the historical development and contemporary environment of the heritage sector in the North of England, and how best to support the sector’s contributions to the regional and national economy.


Prof Dinah Birch, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Knowledge Exchange, University of Liverpool

New Thinking from the North Findings