Research Community: Targets for New Medicines

Universities and businesses can work effectively together to make a significant impact on the needs of society

Sir Alan Langlands

Chair, N8 Board

academics get to work on real-world problems with improved access to the insight of the business partner, and industry can see relevant and timely impact from academic collaboration

Dr Peter Simpson

Director, N8 Research Partnership

connecting academic and business partners to meet the challenges facing industry with new insights and solutions

Prof Chris Brink

Former Member, N8 Board

We are an organisation whose role is about collaboration

Dr Peter Simpson

Director, N8 Research Partnership

The top 10 causes of death account for 30 million deaths per year.

The projected annual cost in UK alone of diabetes by 2035 is an estimated 16.9 billion.

N8 Targets

The N8 Targets for New Medicines project will harness expertise in disease biology, patient outcomes and therapeutic knowledge across the N8 group of major research intensive universities.

Cutting edge preclinical N8 facilities will be exploited, as a Target Toolbox, by coordinated project teams that bring to bear multiple investigative approaches, including

  • patient and pathway data analytics
  • computational modelling and simulation
  • omics data acquisition and processing
  • structural biology
  • in vitro and in vivo disease state Proof-of-Principle and Proof-of-Concept models, and
  • healthcare economics

Collectively, these approaches will form the basis of a target identification, validation and de-risking toolbox, to deliver new targets whose validity is evidenced by outstandingly insightful data.

Expertise and Tools

To deliver this impact, N8 can bring together leading expertise in a platform of core skills and expertise including:

  • Connecting Targets to Disease –  bringing together a comprehensive platform of omics and molecular biomarker expertise that already exist across different N8 institutions
  • Disease Mechanisms – The participating institutions incorporate internationally prominent major centres of preclinical research excellence in multiple disease areas unmet clinical need
  • Analytics and Interpretation – The N8 contains centres of expertise in Medical Bioinformatics, health economics , data, and the emerging connected health cities commitment from UK government.
  • In vitro and cell technologies – internationally leading approaches to structural biology, cellular biomarkers, models, and innovations in imaging and microscopy to increase target confidence and identify liabilities early.
  • Chemical Probes – consolidate excellence in early medchem and validation probes.

Through establishing partnerships with leading companies and translational discovery research centres N8 seeks, to deliver better-validated targets for patient benefit.