The N8 Centre of Excellence in Computationally Intensive Research (N8 CIR) has been established to foster excellence in CIR methods, skills and facilities to reinforce the N8 Universities’ strategic research objectives.

N8 CIR aims to provide a competitive edge to the 8 universities and support enhanced performance by:

  • building communities of practice focused on selected N8 strategic research priorities;
  • developing skills and building communities of research software engineers while enabling shared learning through shared software infrastructure;
  • facilitating the provision of shared high performance computing resources involving N8 partners;
  • facilitating access to the national e-Infrastructure ecosystem;
  • positioning N8 to leverage future funding for computationally intensive research.


Building on the work of N8 High Performance Computing, the Centre of Excellence will accelerate progress in areas of research that are of strategic importance to the N8 partners, including some that have not made heavy use of technology in the past.

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Dr Gillian Sinclair, N8 CIR Programme Manager

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