The project, funded through the College of Policing’s Innovation Capacity Building Fund, aims to establish and formalise a regional network of research and innovation in policing. This will serve as a platform for collaborations between universities, PCCs, police forces and partner organisations in research, knowledge exchange and training opportunities across the north of England.

The project will:

  • coordinate and facilitate the exploitation of opportunities for research, knowledge exchange and skills training
  • provide for coproduction between researchers and end-users in the process of research design and implementation, grant capture and evidence gathering and dissemination
  • deliver collaborative primary research which addresses contemporary policing  challenges and perennial issues
  • provide the basis for programmes of knowledge exchange, training and workshops/courses to support innovation and the use of research evidence to address policing problems in new ways
  • enable opportunities for the utilisation of research evidence in policing and the development of wider research skills.

Work will be focused on the following eight themes, led by academics from across the N8 Policing Research Partnership:

Cyber-crime: contacts Corinne May-Chahal and David Wall

Drugs and alcohol:contacts Charlie Lloyd and Fiona Measham

Serious and organised crime: contacts Stuart Kirby and Stephen Brookes 

Domestic violence: contacts Nicole Westmarland and David Gadd 

Public order and crowd management: contacts Clifford Stott and Geoff Pearson

Critical incidents decision-making: contacts Laurence Alison and David Allen

Partnerships: contacts Bethan Loftus and Layla Skinns

Community engagement: contacts Stuart Lister and Andrew Staniforth

The principal activities will entail:

  • For each theme, a rapid review of research evidence, mapping of ongoing research, identification of research priorities and publication of a short summary report
  • Thematic events/workshops with operational level police and partners in different locations across the north of England
  • Exploring the possibilities for and/or pilot training sessions and innovative approaches to police officer learning and the development of training materials.


13th February 2014: Serious and Organised Crime Workshop (Lancaster)

25th February 2014: Drugs and Alcohol Workshop (Durham)

25th February 2014: Domestic Violence Workshop (Durham).

26th February 2014: Partnerships Workshop (Manchester)

View the welcome presentation – Professor Adam Crawford

View the external research and university partnership presentation – Paul Anderson

View the presentation on barriers to effective partnerships – Mike Cunningham

View the origins, impacts and challenges presentation – Professor Nick Fyfe

View the neighbourhood policing presentation – Dr Megan O’Neill

26th February 2014: Cyber Crime Workshop (Lancaster)

5th March 2014: Community Engagement Workshop (Leeds)

View the welcome presentation – Stuart Lister

View the ‘questions of implementation and outcome’ presentation – Stuart Lister

View the child protection systems presentation – Beverley Adams

View the presentation on protecting neighbourhood safety – Detective Inspector Andrew Staniforth

View the policing social citizens presentation – Susan Ritchie and Dr Andrew Fisher

View the presentation on engaging with the public – Superintendent Peter Norman

View the presentation on police use of social media

6th March 2014: Critical Incidents Decision-Making Workshop (Liverpool)

7th March 2014: After the Floods: Information Sharing, Decision Making and Collaboration during Major Incidents (Leeds)

10th March 2014: Liaison Based Public Order – Training (Leeds)

20th March 2014: Liaison Based Public Order – Training (Leeds)

21st March 2014: Public Order Workshop (Leeds)

24th March 2014: Collaborating for Excellence and Innovation Conference (Leeds). The agenda for this event is available here.

Evidence Events

Community Engagement – evidence review and references

Critical Incidents Decision Making – evidence review and references

Cyber Crime – evidence review and references

Domestic Violence – evidence review and references

Organised Crime – evidence review and references

Policing Partnerships – evidence review and references

Public Order Policing – evidence review and references


Project Director: Prof Adam Crawford, University of Leeds