Regenerative Medicine Pioneers To Discuss The Pathway To Innovation


Innovators specialising in the rapidly emerging field of Regenerative Medicine will gather in Leeds next month to discuss how the latest research is being translated into clinical benefits for patients.

The Regener8 Annual Conference, which will take place on 17 September at the University of Leeds, will focus on ‘The Pathway to Innovation for Regenerative Therapies’ and will feature some of the latest research being carried out in areas as diverse as bio-cements for bone regeneration, cellular scaffolds for cardiac repair and regenerative therapies for dental repair.

Working in partnership with the Medical Technologies IKC, Regener8 brings together leading academics, industry and clinicians to nurture innovation in regenerative medicine, and translate academic research into products that can be used by clinicians and patients. Regenerative medicine (‘RegenMed’) is being used to treat conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, bone fractures, chronic wound management and many others by augmenting or stimulating the body’s own repair mechanisms to repair or replace damaged tissue. It is one of the ‘Eight Great Technologies’ highlighted by the Government as priorities for investment.

Professor John Fisher, Regener8 Executive Director and Director of the Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, University of Leeds, said:
“This is a very exciting time for regenerative medicine, and the UK is at the forefront of developing regenerative therapies – much of it underpinned by the partnerships that exist between academics and industry. UK companies are succeeding in commercialising therapies, and an increasingly joined up community in the UK is helping to bring this about.”

Now in its seventh year, the Regener8 Annual Conference provides an opportunity for companies, many of whom are start-ups or SMEs, to share experiences and best practice in taking innovative and highly-specialised regenerative therapies to market.

Professor Fisher continued:
“Successful translation of Regenerative Medicine requires a diverse set of expertise – from laboratory tools, imaging techniques right through to developing regenerative devices for organ and tissue repair and protecting intellectual property, so there are lots of opportunities for companies to succeed in this growing market. The Regener8 Annual Conference offers a great platform to meet a broad spectrum of innovators from industry and academia, all of whom are working towards the goal of technology translation in this highly specialised field.”

Keynote speakers at the Regener8 Annual Conference 2014 include Kevin Baughan, Director of Technology and Innovation at the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board. He said:
“These are demanding times for the healthcare sector as they seek both greater efficiency and effectiveness. The opportunities created by scientific breakthroughs in regenerative medicine, from the UK’s world class research base, put us in a unique position to lead the world in this transformative approach to healthcare.

“As the UK’s innovation agency, we look forward to continuing our partnership with business and academia in supporting those breakthroughs on their journey through to commercial viability and ultimately, success on the global stage.”

The Regener8 Annual Conference 2014 ‘The Pathway to Innovation for Regenerative Therapies’ takes place on Wednesday 17 September at the University of Leeds. Tickets are priced £95 + VAT and can be bought here.