Collaboration is at the core of N8

Dr Peter Simpson

Director, N8 Research Partnership

We want to encourage industry to benefit from the proximity of the N8 universities to produce really powerful research clusters

Prof Sir Keith Burnett

member, N8 Board

Combining the best with the best – joining up the talent and expertise of university research and industry-led R&D – is how innovation comes about

Prof Trevor McMillan

former Chair, N8 Executive Management Board

By academic researchers and practitioners working alongside each other there is a greater opportunity for mutual learning and therefore better informed research

Prof Heather Campbell

N8 Co-production lead

The eight universities of N8 represent an extraordinary breadth and depth of expertise. In our collaborative programmes, N8 harnesses this expertise in a coordinated manner.

Our emphasis is on excellence of research, applied to areas of economic, business and/or societal need.

Through collaborating since 2007, N8 has established trust, relationships and processes to streamline to delivery of collaborative, cross-sectoral projects.

N8’s forward strategy will continue to deliver imaginative project proposals, aligned to national and international areas of need and impact.

AgriFood and Urban as major themes are advancing – and we will deliver complementary projects to expand our world class capabilities in these and complementary areas.