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Hello and welcome to the very first N8 Research Partnership ebulletin.

We have had an exciting couple of months, preparing for the launch of our Demographic Change research report, creating a new website & materials and launching Phase 2 of N8. We were delighted that the Minister of State for Universities and Science, David Willetts, was able to attend our launch on 15 September, and talked about his support for the N8 model. Read about the launch and download the reports from our new look website.

We hope you find this ebulletin interesting and informative, and welcome your feedback.

With warmest regards,

Sarah Jackson

N8 Research Partnership

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Universities and Science Minister David Willetts Launches Next Phase of N8

The research on economic impacts and opportunities of demographic change was launched in Sheffield on 15 September, attended by the Minister for Universities and Science, Rt Hon David Willetts MP and over 80 delegates from public and private sector.

The Minister highlighted he was a “great admirer of the N8 model” and welcomed the approach for partnership working across the N8 universities as fundamental to achieving BIS objectives. These included bringing together “intellectually creative and dynamic research clusters” and opportunities for sharing research services and equipment to maximise efficiency and effectiveness.

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Challenge of North’s changing population provides economic opportunities

The launch event provided lively debate on the new demographic change report. The overwhelming conclusion was that a growing, ageing and more ethnically diverse population could provide the North of England with opportunities for economic growth. The report and the launch event focused on demographic change in key Northern cities and city-region economies over the next 25 years.

The report highlights potential economic opportunities which could result from a changing population, including the creation of more “silver entrepreneurs”, a bigger market in health technologies and care services and opportunities for the construction industry as homes have to be built or adapted to meet the needs of a growing and ageing population, many more of whom will be living with long-term illnesses.

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Download our Demographic research report

Our research report highlights how the populations of key cities of the North of England will grow, age and become more ethnically diverse over the next 30 years.  The report proposes key areas that LEPs and their partners should focus on to maximise the economic benefits of population dynamics, and key challenges which will need to be addressed.

Click here to download the report.


New phase for Regener8, the N8 Centre for Technology Translation in Regenerative Medicine

Regener8, one of the virtual 'centres' which N8 established in order to bring new technology and therapies to market is this month launching their updated branding, as well as holding their annual conference which is this year entitled 'Delivery of Regenerative Technologies on a Commercial Scale.' They will also be distributing the second issue of the new look 'regen' magazine at the conference.

This marks a new phase for Regener8, who have been gathering feedback from members and using this in order to prioritise services.

Click here to visit the Regener8 website.


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