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N8 Research: Policing innovation, fusion energy and extended working lives

Welcome to the latest news from the N8 Research Partnership.

I am very proud of our latest collaboration, the N8 Policing Research Partnership, which is making such great progress. We held our ‘Collaborating for Excellence and Innovation’ conference earlier this year. It was very positive to see so many N8 academic experts across different research areas, like cyber crime, drugs and alcohol and domestic violence, connecting with colleagues from police forces across the North.

Another exciting collaboration is a programme of research between N8 academics and charity groups looking at how prepared employees and businesses are for staff to be working longer in their lives. The project emerged from the N8 Industry Innovation Forum on healthy and active ageing, and I’m really pleased to see the Forum continuing to have such an impact in key challenge areas.

Across the N8, we’re proud that we have some of the most advanced research equipment in the world. Next month, a special workshop will take place to showcase some of the latest equipment and capability in a number of core areas in Chemistry research. This follows the recent EPSRC call for Chemistry equipment funding, and I am delighted that we’ll have colleagues from EPSRC speaking at the event.

And talking of world class, Polaris, the N8 High Performance Computing facility, has been used for more pioneering research - achieving in one day what would have normally taken eight months.

I hope you enjoy reading our latest news. As ever, please do get in touch if you have any feedback.

Sarah Jackson,

Director, N8 Research Partnership


Police and academics discuss innovation and collaboration

Academics, police professionals and partner organisations took part in the ‘Collaborating for Excellence and Innovation’ conference in March. The event was organised by the N8 Policing Research Partnership (N8 PRP) to identify opportunities for collaboration and innovation in regional policing in the 21st century, and among the speakers were Professor Dame Shirley Pearce, Chair of the College of Policing and Sir Peter Fahy QPM, Chief Constable, Greater Manchester Police.

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Are employees and businesses prepared for extended working lives?

Researchers at the University of Liverpool have been working with colleagues from the N8 Universities, as well as industrial and charity partners to look at how businesses are responding to a population which is working for longer.

The project, which was made possible by the N8 Industry Innovation Forum, is looking specifically at the issues faced by SMEs and older workers in the North of England.

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Showcasing chemistry equipment for greater success

Chemistry researchers from a number of the N8 universities will be showcasing a range of enhanced chemistry research facilities that have been made possible due to funding from the EPSRC.

The new equipment covers four core areas of chemistry research: mass spectrometry (MS), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), X-ray diffraction (XRD), and atomic level microscopy. 

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N8 HPC investigates fusion energy materials

Fusion power promises to deliver an effectively limitless supply of energy without producing carbon emissions or long term nuclear waste. But a challenge is how to develop a material that can contain hydrogen gas heated to temperatures of more than 3000°C.

Step in Polaris, the N8 High Performance Computer, which is being used to investigate the microstructures within fusion reactor components that impact thermal performance. It achieved in one day what would normally take eight months, helping to advance this area of research.

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