NZN: Skills and Productivity

NZN: Skills and Productivity
NZN: Skills and Productivity
NZN: Skills and Productivity
NZN: Skills and Productivity

Creating the workforce for a Northern green economy.

Skills and Productivity will build a green-skills ladder promoting upskilling of the Northern workforce for a sustainable and resource-efficient society, as well as establishing a Skills Hub for Sustainable Hydrogen Economy and Grow Smarter.


How will we deliver the workforce needed to achieve net-zero for the North?

Net Zero North creates a strategic opportunity for universities, FE colleges and employers to work together to re/up-skill workers into good quality jobs in new clean industries. Many firms will struggle to adapt and survive in the new economic environment and the transition to net-zero. This is particularly the case for businesses located in ‘left behind’ towns and rural communities, which do not currently have easy access to the critical technologies, services, and skills needed to adapt.

Working collaboratively with a broad network of universities and FE colleges in the North of England, we propose to establish a net zero skills and productivity programme, which aims to deliver the following outcomes for the North:

  • Build an integrated FE/HEI skills ladder to provide a massive expansion of net-zero opportunities at NVQ3 through to NVQ7 (Masters level) and to promote upskilling of the Northern workforce through outreach activity to drive progression up the ladder.
  • Establish a ‘Sustainable Hydrogen Skills Hub’ based in the Teesside Hydrogen Cluster and a ‘Grow Smarter Skills Hub’ based in the North West Coastal Arc region. Both hubs will accommodate cohorts of PhD students and offer training opportunities for NVQ3-7 students.

Why N8 Net Zero North?

The existing resources and programmes across the N8 and its wider collaborative partners offer a combination of synergistic strengths and innovative research teams, making us best placed to deliver Skills and Productivity for the region.

N8+ together with FE college networks and other stakeholders will form the ‘NzN Skills Alliance’, a collaboration of experts to map existing NVQ3-7 NzN training provision including apprenticeships; identify future green economy needs; and design and pilot new and innovative ways of offering training through FE and HE.



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See our news and case studies below to find out what N8 is already delivering for Net Zero North.