N8 Parasitology Group Presentation To The Cross-Parliamentary Group On Malaria


The N8 Parasitology Group were in Parliament on 25 April 2012 presenting the work of the group to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases (APPMG).  

The APPMG, which is chaired by Jeremy Lefroy MP, holds regular monthly meetings during the Parliamentary terms to which experts in the field are invited to talk about their area of expertise.

Head of the N8 Parasitology Group and Wolfson Research Institute Acting Deputy Director Dr Mark Booth, along with Prof Debbie Smith from York University and Prof Neil Hall from Liverpool University, took the opportunity to highlight the strengths and future potential of parasitological research collaboration across the N8 consortium. Emphasis was placed on the need to maintain funding and recognition of the full range of science disciplines within parasitology.

One of the N8 Research Partnership’s key research themes, the N8 Parasitology Group has made good progress since it was established in 2011. They recently awarded a proof of concept grant to scientists in the universities of Durham and York, who are investigating the potential of target specific anti-fungals as anti-trypanosmal agents, in collaboration with scientists in London and the US.

The N8 Parasitology Group is building up a database of members which is currently made up of 43 research group leaders with expertise in a wide range of disciplines including biochemistry, epidemiology, molecular biology and climatology.

Dr Booth comments:
“It was a pleasure to be given the opportunity to present the N8 Parasitology Group to the APPMG. This represents the start of a long-term commitment to engaging with the policy community to ensure that parasitology research undertaken within the N8 is recognised for its value to the UK and International communities.”