Major investment in Digital research in Newcastle & York


Newcastle and York share in major investment in Digital Economy multi-disciplinary research centres.

Newcastle University and the University of York were two of six universities selected to host five-year multi-disciplinary research centres to promote research, knowledge, and skills in the Digital Economy.

The six centres are to share £45m investment (£23m EPSRC and a further £22m from partner organisations – including universities, companies, and regional bodies) to develop innovative digital products that impact directly on people’s daily lives.

Newcastle University’s Digital Civics Research Centre will focus on developing new, open-source technologies and media to develop new models for local government services.

Professor Patrick Olivier, leader of the bid, said: “Digital Civics is not about just putting existing services “online” but is about exploring new ways in which digital technologies can be used by communities to engage in local government service design and delivery – to fundamentally reorient the relationship between those who govern and those who are governed.”

The University of York’s Digital Creativity Hub will focus on understanding the exciting possibilities that lie between digital games and interactive media and the beneficial impact these can have on science, society and culture.

Professors Peter Cowling and Marian Ursu, joint leaders of the bid, said: “The Digital Creativity Hub is set to seize the opportunities provided by the convergence of digital games and media. In the Hub, researchers, industry, government, the third sector and the general public will co-create the means for interaction and expression of the future digital society, jointly realising their huge potential for economic, social and cultural impact.”