IPPR Research Highlights Strengths Of The N8 Partnership


The N8 Research Partnership features in the Institute for Public Policy Research North’s recently published report ‘Beyond bricks and mortar boards: universities and the future of regional economic development.’

The aim of the research, conducted for Universities UK, was to understand the impact of recent changes to regional and local structures and the emerging relations between universities and the local economy. The report looks at the changes to the regional infrastructure following the demise of the Regional Development Agencies, and the Government’s plan for growth and other changes announced as part of the localism agenda.

The N8 Research Partnership is featured in the section ‘Building relationships and creating networks with the local business community’ as a prime example of how successful industry and university collaborations can be forged by matching the needs of industry with the skills of the N8 universities. With reference to N8, the report states: ‘By partnering into a single brand, businesses can engage with the partnership and access a broad research base and a quicker match to the expertise they require as well as creating the potential for the formation of research teams tailored to individual client needs that draw from the staff in all eight universities.

Click here to download the full report.