Great progress made in first year of Policing Research Partnership


The first Annual Report has been published on progress of the N8 Policing Research Partnership.

This covers the period from the commencement of the Catalyst Grant on 1 May 2015 until the end of April 2016, as well as future plans for the forthcoming year 2016/17.


Professor Adam Crawford commented:

“The outlines of the various activity strands documented in this report testify to the fact that it has been a busy and highly productive year. Highlights include

  • The launch of the first Policing Innovation Forum in October 2015 and witnessing the enthusiasm and commitment on the part of delegates in thinking through innovation in the context of cyber-crime, as well as the actors’ interpretation of organisational barriers to innovation.
  • The award of the first three small grants that will enable seed-corn funding to support a variety of immensely important collaborative projects.
  • The establishment and first meeting in November 2015 of the International Advisory Board.
  • Working with the Steering Group representatives from all the partner organisations who have been engaged, enquiring and appropriately challenging, throughout.”


As befits the first year of an ambitious five year programme, it has been focused, largely, around achieving the following broad objectives across the full range of activity strands:

I. building engagement across our policing partners and core stakeholders;

II. refining our strategic plans in line with the aims and milestones set out in the HEFCE Grant;

III. clarifying our collective priorities, ambitions and expectations over the lifespan of the project and identifying the benefits and opportunities that the partnership affords;

IV. developing appropriate collaborative structures, processes and procedures for supporting the implementation of the full programme of activities;

V. establishing mechanisms for ensuring effective communication among partners and beyond to wider stakeholders.


Major plans for the second year of the programme include:

  • Summer conference in June 2016  arranged jointly by policing and academic partners on the theme of ‘Workforce of the future of policing’.
  • The second Policing Innovation Forum is planned for November 8th 2016 in Manchester
  • The call for the second round of small collaborative grants will open during the Policing Innovation Forum  with a closing date for applications in early 2017
  • A further six PhD studentships will start in autumn 2016 forming an innovative training network
  • Sheffield University International Conference ‘Working with the police on policing’ (October 2016, Sheffield)
  • Evaluation of the co-production activities through fieldwork, involving participant observation at key meetings, visits to all of the strand teams conducting semi-structured interviews with them and their partners will be undertaken