Exclusive Funding To Be Launched For N8 Academics


Exclusive Proof of Concept funds with an N8 academic lead are to be launched at a high profile event at York University next week (Wednesday 20 June).

The event, organised by Regener8 and the Medical Technologies IKC will launch five Proof of Concept (PoC) awards of up to £100K to fund N8 projects that align with the therapeutic priorities identified in the Research Councils UK (RCUK) regenerative medicine roadmap.

High profile speakers at the event will include Iain Gray who will be giving perspective from the Technology Strategy Board, as well as case studies from successful previous PoC funding winners.

There will also be an opportunity for optional 1:1 meetings with Regener8 and Medical Technologies IKC staff to discuss any specific questions on the call or on announcements made on the day.

There are limited spaces left, for further details and to register please click here.