Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine replaces or regenerates human cells, tissue or organs, to restore or establish normal function and offers great promise in the prevention and treatment of many serious diseases.

However, there are a number of technical and regulatory barriers faced by researchers, industry and healthcare professionals in their quest to translate regenerative therapies into the clinic.  Regener8 was established to help overcome these barriers.   

Regener8 translates research in regenerative medicine (RegenMed) into commercial products and clinical benefits. It bridges the early stage innovation gap by working collaboratively across the N8 universities and beyond. With over 100 academic members at Principal Investigator (PI) level and more than 200 companies as industry partners, we represent the regenerative medicine sector on a national level.

Regener8 works at the interface between industry, academia and the clinic to facilitate the commercialisation of regenerative therapies and reduce their time to market. We do this by building capability and providing our members with easy access to the RegenMed expertise available within the Regener8 network.

Regener8’s mission is to:

  • Accelerate the development of biomaterials and matrices
  • Advance the technologies to support cell therapies
  • Move RegenMed therapies into the clinic
  • Link the RegenMed community

Regener8 works to overcome barriers to the translation of regenerative medicine therapies, by providing support to our members in areas such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Preclinical evaluation
  • Safety and efficacy testing
  • Clinical validation
  • Regulations
  • Scale-up and Quality Management
  • Supply chain mapping
  • Health economics
  • Clinical trials
  • Commercial viability
  • Reimbursement and adoption

We have a strong track record.

In our first phase (2007-2011) we have: 

  • Created and developed the Regener8 network
  • Created 22 new jobs
  • Catalysed a portfolio of multi-partner innovation projects, leveraging £18m of direct and £35m of indirect investment.
  • Assisted over 100 companies in innovation and translation activities

Looking forward

We will continue to support our industry, academic and clinical members in the RegenMed community.  Operationally, we have consolidated our links with the Medical Technologies Innovation and Knowledge Centre (IKC) to form a strategic alliance of the two organisations – funded by the Technology Strategy Board, EPSRC and BBSRC.  This has enabled us to improve our integration with the wider UK medical technologies community whilst retaining our focus on the translation of regenerative technologies into therapies.

As we look ahead, our key strategic objectives for 2013-14 will be:

  • National influencing – Regener8 has a very strong membership base in both industry and academic settings and this will be used to further develop our national role and national platform.  
  • International partnership developments: our current focus is on the identification of potential strategic partner organisations in Singapore, China and North America. 
  • Delivery and oversight of the N8 Proof of Concept projects.
  • Development of academic innovation and translation capability.
  • Widening engagement of clinicians within the Regener8 membership.
  • Market development and expansion of the membership base - including development of the membership offering to early stage career investigators. 
  • Stronger N8 collaborations – strengths gained from N8 experts working together and the attractiveness of this pool of expertise to UK regenerative medicine companies will be explored. 



Executive Director: Professor John Fisher
(Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, University of Leeds)

Operations Director: Dr Mike Raxworthy
Tel: +44 (0) 113 343 0933