Policing, community safety, crime prevention and victim services have all gone through unprecedented change in recent years. This provides an ideal opportunity for research collaboration and knowledge exchange between the research, policy and practitioner communities.


The N8 Research Partnership has established the N8 Policing Research Partnership (N8 PRP) to enable and foster research collaborations that will help address the problems of policing in the 21st century and achieve international excellence in policing research and impact.

The aim of the N8 PRP is to establish and formalise a regional network of research and innovation in policing. It will provide a platform for collaborations between universities, Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs), Government, police forces, and other partners working in policing policy, governance and practice.


The N8 PRP offers opportunities for research at different scales including local, regional, national and international issues.

Additionally, the N8 PRP will not be restricted to the study of the police organisation but will work on the basis that ‘policing’ consists of different agencies within and beyond the police. Given that policing is conducted for, with and by members of the public, a central element of the co-production model used will also  involve public engagement, both during the research and in its dissemination.

A list of partners working with the N8 PRP can be found here

Thematic Areas of Research

The N8 PRP will build collaborative relationships, focussed initially on the following themes:

  • Cyber crime
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Serious and organised crime
  • Domestic violence
  • Public order and crowd management
  • Critical  incidents decision making
  • Partnerships and community engagement

These areas will be developed through collaboration between academics and policing research users, emphasising the co-production of research to tackle operational and strategic issues, identify opportunities and processes for knowledge exchange, and develop and pilot training initiatives and materials.

Research Activities

The goal of the N8 PRP is to produce knowledge that has a public purpose, engages with different groups and informs public debate.

  • N8 PRP is running a five-year programme of research and knowledge exchange pioneering innovative collaboration between police forces and universities in the North of England. Funded by a £3m grant from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and supplemented by more than £4 million from policing partners and other universities. the programme will enable the partnership to take a major step forward in developing and testing innovative approaches to policing and crime reduction.
  • An online web portal has also been developed which hosts a Policing Research Expertise Register; a fully searchable online database for identifying experts actively involved in policing research across the N8 universities, N8 policing partners and other institutions and policing agencies across the North of England.
  • The N8 PRP was awarded a grant by the College of Policing to progress its work and establish a regional hub for policing research and knowledge exchange. Read more about this project here.

Contact Us

For further information about N8 PRP, the HEFCE-funded N8PRP Programme and how to get involved:

Professor Adam Crawford, Project Director

Stephanie Abraham, Project Manager

Visit the N8 PRP Website:


Institutional Contacts

Durham University:
Professor Nicole Westmarland and Professor Fiona Measham

Lancaster University:
Professor Corrine May-Chahal and Dr Ian Paylor

University of Leeds:
Professor Adam Crawford, Professor David Allen, and Professor David Wall

University of Liverpool:
Professor Sandra Walklate and Professor Laurence Allison

University of Manchester:
Dr Steve Brookes, Geoff Pearson and Dr Bethan Loftus

Newcastle University:
Dr Gavin Oxburgh and Jill Clark

University of Sheffield:
Professor Joanna Shapland, Dr Matthew Bacon and Dr Layla Skinns

University of York:
Dr Adam White and Dr Charlie Lloyd

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