Food for the Future is the topic for major N8 AgriFood event


2017 N8 AgriFood International conference 11th – 13th July 2017


Generating nutritious food from resilient, sustainable agriculture is a key challenge for the future. This major N8 AgriFood event will address specific challenges that need to be overcome to improve sustainability and food security globally.

Topics will include:

  • Stream A: Health and infectious disease
    Unravelling the abiotic and biotic stresses that have the greatest effect on agricultural productivity

  • Stream B: Nutrition
    Exloring the real meaning of nutritional value at different levels within the food chain

  • Stream C: Sustainability
    Working out the optimal methods, metrics and examples for assessing sustainability in agri-food systems

The event will include:

  1. 30+ expert international speakers

  2. Posters and wine reception at Durham Cathedral

  3. Conference dinner at Durham Castle

  4. Site visits to N8 centres of excellence

The main conference will feature plenary presentations and panel debates covering core global issues such as:

  • The role of technology in food production
  • Abiotic and biotic stress on food production
  • Nutrition for crops
  • Livestock and people
  • The challenges of climate change and international trade
  • Defining and delivering sustainable food production
  • Working with the media

A posters and drinks reception at Durham Cathedral Cloisters will provide an informal atmosphere for attendees to forge relationships across academia and business.  The evening provides excellent opportunities to explore expertise and the beginnings of collaborations.

The conference concludes with an interactive, practical debate on the role attendees can play to achieve the goal of a sustainable food production system, assisted by N8 AgriFood Knowledge Exchange Fellows

Places are limited for this conference so book now to avoid disappointment!